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New release 7.71.4

  • Release 7.71.4 has most game operations running on
  • Automatic downloading of maps is using the http protocol again.
  • The old obsolete stats have been removed.
  • A new console command has been added to easily download and install new maps and/or map packs: installmap.

Debian 12

Alien Arena 7.71.3 will be released soon in Debian 12 - Bookworm. The release date for Debian 12 is planned for June 10th, 2023.
See also: Debian Release Management.

Ubuntu 23.04

Alien Arena 7.71.3 has been released on Ubuntu 23.04 - Lunar Lobster!

New IRC server

For IRC, use The port should be 6697 for secure connections, otherwise 6667. With the latest game clients the IRC server will be changed automatically.

How to install

There are multiple options to install this game:

  • Install from SVN (Windows/Linux). You'll have the latest code (see below).
  • In case you have Ubuntu 23.04 - Lunar Lobster: it's available in the package repository.
  • Install from Steam (Windows/Linux), but it is outdated.
  • Install the obsolete demo (Windows/Linux). The demo is not being maintained.
Latest version number:

Known issues

The Steam clients on Windows and Linux currently have the following issues:

  • Automatic downloading of maps uses the (slow) udp protocol.
  • The newsfeed is not working.

To fix these issues on windows, you can manually replace the alienarena.exe in your steam folder with the one from svn that is built for steam. Rename the original one to something else, then rename the downloaded one to alienarena.exe.


The repository is located at: svn://
On Windows, you can install TortoiseSVN and download the source code. The alienarena.exe is already there.
On Linux, install subversion. Then you need to build the application yourself.

For building on Linux, you need to install the following libraries first:

Then execute the following commands to download the source code into folder alienarena:

If you have already done this before, use svn update to download the latest sources.
For windows, download the latest game client here.
To compile faster, you can specify the number of threads it uses: make -j 4.

Other configure options that are useful:
Dedicated server: ./configure --disable-client
With debug symbols: ./configure --enable-debug


Help / Tools

Map packs and 3rd party maps

Easy installation with the console command installmap.
Otherwise follow these instructions.
Map pack 1
Map pack 2
Map pack 3
Map pack 4
Map pack 5
Map pack 6
Map pack 7
Map pack 8
Mega map pack (1-8)